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OpenText's Cloud Playbook: Mastering the Migration Game

In the tech industry, cloud migration isn't just trendy jargon; it's the linchpin of modern business strategy. Sangeetha Yanamandra, the Engineering Head for OpenText India's Analytics, Legal Tech, and Security Business Units, took the stage at Great International Developer Summit to pull back the curtain on their cloud migration saga, offering a playbook for success in this complex endeavor.

Cloud tech has evolved from being a shiny new toy to the bedrock of today's digital enterprises. OpenText's experience in this journey is a goldmine of insights for any organization looking to make the cloud leap.

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let's set the stage with some data. A 2023 PwC survey shows that a whopping 78% of executives are jumping on the cloud bandwagon. But here's the kicker: OpenText isn't just joining the cloud party; they're redefining the game. Only 10% of those surveyed could claim such a transformation, highlighting the hurdles that come with migration.

“Cloud migration isn't a one-size-fits-all endeavor; it varies between products and organizations.”

Let's talk challenges. Cloud migration isn't a cookie-cutter process. It's a bespoke affair, with nearly 75% of projects overshooting their budgets. Add to that, 35% of these projects lagged by three or more months, a delay that can be a deal-breaker in our cutthroat industry.

So, how did OpenText crack the code? Their journey is a shining example of their relentless pursuit of excellence. The majority of their product suite now lives in the cloud, thanks to a decentralized approach where each business unit functions like a mini-enterprise. Yanamandra's team has been pivotal in this transformation, flipping several on-prem products to cloud-ready solutions.

“Our commitment to cloud migration extends beyond buzzwords. We've successfully transformed our products to the cloud while redefining our business model. OpenText is now a complete cloud company, offering diverse cloud editions and APIs, embracing the future of technology.”

When it comes to cloud strategy, OpenText is playing the long game. They're not just catering to the cloud-native crowd but also easing the transition for their existing on-prem customers. Whether it's their private or public OpenText Cloud, they're all in on giving customers the freedom to choose their cloud flavor, including hyperscalers.

Breaking down OpenText's migration roadmap, it's a multi-phase operation. They kicked things off by shifting their on-prem products to the OpenText Cloud and hyperscalers. Then, they upped the ante by rolling out SaaS APIs to meet diverse customer demands. The cherry on top? A unified code base that streamlines deployments across different platforms.

To pull off this complex task, OpenText took a ground-up approach, tackling what they call "cross-cutting concerns." This strategy helped them abstract code to support both cloud-native and hyperscale deployments, offering a cohesive product experience regardless of the platform.

The final lap in OpenText's cloud marathon was the move to Software as a Service (SaaS). With their products now hosted on a developer cloud, they could zero in on fine-tuning their offerings. Custom subscription models, tenant specifications, and data isolation were all tailored to meet customer needs, giving OpenText the edge in delivering laser-focused services.

“Our journey, measured in quarters, emphasizes tailored approaches, security, and compliance as non-negotiable priorities.”

Security and compliance weren't afterthoughts but front and center in OpenText's cloud journey. From rigorous security scans to antivirus tests, they left no stone unturned in safeguarding customer data. Adherence to stringent regulations like FedRAMP was non-negotiable, ensuring their products met the industry's highest standards.

In wrapping up, OpenText's cloud migration saga is a showcase of their agility and unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. Their structured approach, attention to detail, and commitment to security and compliance have not only enabled a successful migration but also transformed them into a full-fledged cloud company. OpenText's cloud-first ethos is a clear indicator of their commitment to shaping the future of tech.

Watch the full video of the talk, here.

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Banner Image Credits: Sangeetha Yanamandra at Great International Developer Summit

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