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Cloud Unveiled: Zoho's Bharath Kumar on Dev Choices 2023

Developers aren't just the builders; they're the architects of the future. They're the ones laying the groundwork for how we interact with the cloud, and their choices ripple through businesses and touch every end-user. Bharath Kumar, Head of Marketing & CX at Zoho Creator, recently took to the stage at Great International Developer Summit to shed light on this intricate play between developers and the cloud.

Kicking off with a dash of humor, Bharath quickly pivoted to the meat of the matter: the complex questions surrounding cloud platforms. So, what did we learn from this tech luminary? Let's dive in.

First up was the debate between a platform approach and point solutions. Bharath set the stage with a visual puzzle, displaying logos of tech behemoths like Salesforce and Dropbox. But it was Microsoft's logo that stole the spotlight. Why? Because Microsoft isn't just solving problems; it's creating ecosystems. Unlike companies that offer point solutions for specific issues, Microsoft champions a platform approach that addresses a multitude of end-user needs. This isn't just a fun fact; it's a crucial lesson for developers. Opting for a platform approach over point solutions can be the difference between scalability and stagnation.

But let's not forget the human element. In any tech-driven organization, you've got two core pillars: the products or services offered and the people who make it all happen. Here's where technology becomes the linchpin, connecting these two vital elements. It's not just about customer experience; it's also about empowering employees. In essence, technology isn't just a tool; it's the backbone of organizational success.

"In any organization, there are two critical layers: products/services offered and the people/culture that run the organization. Technology bridges these layers."

Now, let's talk about the audience. Bharath stressed the need to consider multiple user personas when evaluating a developer platform. Whether you're a coder, a lawyer, or a marketer, your needs and perspectives will differ. A one-size-fits-all approach? That's yesterday's news. Today's platforms need to be as diverse as the users they serve, offering tailored tools and functionalities.

"A developer's perspective may differ significantly from that of a legal head or a marketing professional. An effective platform should cater to these diverse user needs."

Moving on to governance, Bharath argued that it's not just a buzzword; it's a necessity. Developers need the freedom to make decisions within the platform, and effective governance is the key to making that happen. It's not just about smooth operations; it's about building trust and encouraging user adoption.

"Privacy should be seen as a business enabler, not a necessary evil."

And speaking of trust, let's talk privacy. In an era where data breaches make headlines, Bharath insisted that privacy isn't just a checkbox; it's a commitment. Businesses need to do more than pay lip service to privacy; they need to integrate it into their core values. Think of privacy not as a hurdle but as a competitive advantage.

But what about integration? According to Bharath, it's all about context. Whether you're a manager or a developer, your interaction with a system will differ based on your role and needs. A top-notch developer platform should be context-aware, adapting to different scenarios to enhance user experience.

Price tags also made it into Bharath's spotlight. He emphasized the importance of flexible pricing models, cautioning businesses against vendors who prioritize quick bucks over long-term relationships. In this digital age, your vendor should be your partner, aligned with your values and goals.

"Successful vendors will be those who offer a user-friendly marketplace where users can easily discover and monetize their creations."

Finally, Bharath touched on marketplace differentiation. With a sea of apps flooding the tech landscape, standing out is more crucial than ever. The winners in this game will be those who offer user-friendly marketplaces that not only showcase but also monetize user creations.

So there you have it—Bharath Kumar B's masterclass on navigating the complex web of cloud computing. From platform approaches and human-centric tech to governance, privacy, and beyond, his insights offer a roadmap for developers looking to make a lasting impact. As we hurtle forward in this tech-driven world, remember: the choices developers make today will shape the cloud—and our lives—tomorrow.

Watch the full video of the talk, here.

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Banner Image Credits: Bharath Kumar at Great International Developer Summit

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