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Worth a Million Arguments

Venkat Subramaniam

Should we use Spring, Quarkus, or Micronaut. Angular, React, or View. Dynamic, static, or mixed typing? Functional or... will this method give better performance? Each of us have been in what seems like an endless stream of such discussions and sometimes arguments. In t...

Driving Innovation through the Open Hybrid Cloud and AI Developer Experience

Ignacio Riesgo Ramakrishna Yekulla

Every company is now a Hybrid Cloud company leveraging a multi-cloud environment to manage their business and drive innovation. The advent of Generative AI has acted as an accelerant to business transformation increasing efficiency and productivity. In today's rapid...

Distributed Consensus in 15 Minutes!

Jim Webber

Getting two computers to agree on a value seems easy. One computer thinks of a value and tells the other. But in the real world where many values are shared, concurrency and race conditions are plentiful, and failures occur at inconvenient points, getting two (or more) ...

Generative AI Impact on Enterprises

Rajdeep Dua

Generative AI is a once-in-a-decade change sweeping through our industry. While all of us are excited by the changes Gen AI will bring to the B2C space, in this talk, we will look at how Gen AI will have a lasting impact on enterprises. In this talk, we will discuss whi...

Kafka: The Must-Know Pub/Sub

Daniel Hinojosa

Kafka is a "must know." It is the data backplane of the modern microservice architecture. It's now being used as the first persistence layer of microservices and for most data aggregation jobs. As such, Kafka has become an essential product in the microservice and b...

Tailor-Made Software Architecture

Michael Carducci

Architecture is often described as “the stuff that's hard to change” or “the important stuff (whatever that is).” At its core, architecture defines the very essence of software, transcending mere features and functions to encompass vital capabilities such as scalabi...

Navigating Innovation with Open Hybrid Cloud and Openshift AI

Tuhin Sharma

Cloud computing is witnessing a significant shift, with Hybrid Cloud emerging as the dominant force. In this landscape, organizations are embracing a multi-cloud approach to manage operations and drive innovation. At the heart of this transformation is the open-source e...

From Spring Boot 2 to Spring Boot 3 with Java 21 and Jakarta EE

Ivar Grimstad

Jakarta EE 9 changed its package namespace from `javax.*` to `jakarta.*`. This may sound like a trivial change that mostly affects Jakarta EE. So, why should Spring developers care? As it turns out, the namespace changes ripple throughout the entire Java ecosystem. And...

Hypeless TypeScript

Venkat Subramaniam

Different teams and organizations have adopted TypeScript for various reasons. Some teams have decided to move away from it. Focusing on the right set of features can help us decide if the language is the right choice. For teams that have adopted the language, it can he...

Next.js: Choosing an Optimal Rendering Pattern for your Application

Logan Bittner

Next.js, a popular React framework, has introduced many different rendering patterns over the years - but which one makes the most sense for your application? As usual, there is no one-size-fits-all answer, but your decision could make or break your applications perform...

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“Once again Saltmarch has knocked it out of the park with interesting speakers, engaging content and challenging ideas. No jetlag fog at all, which counts for how interesting the whole thing was."

Cybersecurity Lead, PwC


“Very much looking forward to next year. I will be keeping my eye out for the date so I can make sure I lock it in my calendar."

Software Engineering Specialist, Intuit


“Best conference I have ever been to with lots of insights and information on next generation technologies and those that are the need of the hour."

Software Architect, GroupOn

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Scott Davis

“Happy to meet everyone who came from near and far. Glad to know you've discovered some great lessons here, and glad you joined us for all the discoveries great and small."

Web Architect & Principal Engineer, Scott Davis

Dr. Venkat Subramaniam

“Wonderful set of conferences, well organized, fantastic speakers, and an amazingly interactive set of audience. Thanks for having me at the events!"

Founder of Agile Developer Inc., Dr. Venkat Subramaniam

Oracle Corp.

“What a buzz! The events have been instrumental in bringing the whole software community together. There has been something for everyone from developers to architects to business to vendors. Thanks everyone!"

Voltaire Yap, Global Events Manager, Oracle Corp.