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From Millions to Petabytes: Anshu Verma's Intuit Transformation Masterclass

In the words of Sasan Goodarzi, CEO of Intuit, 'For 40 years, Intuit has grown and thrived through multiple technological platform shifts. We’re at an inflection point, poised to disrupt fintech with game-changing GenAI innovations.' This sentiment of continuous evolution and seizing transformative opportunities is echoed by Anshu Verma, Intuit's VP of Technology. In a recent discourse at the Great International Developer Summit, Verma delved deep into the world of microservices, offering insights from the vantage point of a legacy titan.

"Modernization" might sound like just another buzzword in the tech lexicon, but for Verma, it's the essence of transformation. It's the art of morphing age-old legacy systems into nimble microservices. As he quizzed the audience about their tryst with modernization, the responses painted a vivid picture of the challenges and triumphs that accompany this expedition.

"Modernization is not just about technology; it's a shift, it's a mindset shift. Modernization gives you velocity, it gives you scale," says Anshu Verma

Intuit, with its four-decade legacy yet a "startup" spirit, showcases the power of self-disruption. Their journey, from the DOS era to the cloud, mirrors their audacious spirit. And the market has taken note, with their stock price echoing their triumphant evolution.

Now, as they stand at the cusp of the AI revolution, Intuit's commitment to delivering unparalleled customer value is unwavering. Boasting a clientele of over 103 million and churning out a mind-boggling 58 billion predictions from petabytes of data, Intuit's prowess is evident. But with great scale comes great challenges.

"We have to think about and build this particular muscle in a durable manner because what we are really doing today, we are building a legacy of tomorrow," says Anshu Verma.

The road to modernization is fraught with pitfalls. Theories often crumble when faced with the harsh realities of execution. Intuit's own tryst with modernization saw them grapple with failures before they struck gold. Their secret sauce? A blend of innovation, relentless focus on customer value, and a culture that celebrates builders.

Verma's introduction of Domain-Driven Design (DDD) was a game-changer. This strategy, centered around compartmentalizing systems into distinct units, became the linchpin of their modernization strategy. Their innovative "Duality" concept, a five-stage process, further streamlined the transition.

"Managing Duality is very important; many of the modernization projects actually fail because the Duality is not handled and not thought about upfront."

The outcome? A leaner, faster, and more agile Intuit. Their database is now 30% lighter, reporting speeds have amped up by 40%, and users enjoy a 60?ster page load time. What's more, their market agility has skyrocketed, with weeks-long tasks now wrapped up in mere minutes.

But Verma's parting wisdom was perhaps the most profound. Modernization, he mused, is more than a tech overhaul. It's a paradigm shift. It's about forging the future, not just with cutting-edge tech but with a vision and a spirit of adaptability.

In the age of AI, Intuit stands out as a trailblazer. Their journey, from serving millions to harnessing petabytes, epitomizes the essence of modernization. With Verma's insights as a guiding light, global enterprises are gearing up for their own transformative journeys. It's not just about adaptation; it's about steering the industry towards a brighter, innovation-led future.

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Banner Image Credits: Anshu Verma at Great International Developer Summit

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