The Secrets to Smart, Flexible, Self-Describing API

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Way back in 2000, Microsoft coined the term “Web Services” to describe a new approach to APIs despite these services embracing virtually none of the ideas that made the web so successful.

Today Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) has been largely abandoned in favor of REST, RPC, and OpenAPI style APIs.

Which is best? The go-to answer for architects is, of course, “it depends.”

In this session, we look at the various API approaches, how they attempt to deal with the challenge of decoupling client from server, and how to align your API approach with your architectural and organizational goals.

The biggest challenge is that needs change over time, and APIs must necessarily evolve. Versioning is challenging, and breaking changes are inevitable. The dream of “it just works”–even with evolving APIs–is within our reach. Join this session to learn more!

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