Ready to Go - Measuring Release Fitness at Scale

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About the Session

Have you ever had release approval/change management process/meeting where engineering VP has to approve each of your releases this week?    

Managing releases at scale in this way can be quite tedious and time-consuming process. In a huge ecosystem like adidas digital it is a problematic process if we must do it like this, so we decided to take a lazy approach and try to do it without having any human interaction!  

At adidas we are running 10.602 services in 1.345 namespace in 37 Kubernetes clusters around the world.  

We've built the system to have a single go / no-go signal that can be fully integrated in the release process based on broad and configurable set of KPIs.  

In this talk, we will walk you through the example how in adidas we are measuring the release fitness of a service and how it integrates into automatically managing releases at scale.

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