Framework Freedom with Micro-Frontends

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About the Session

Autonomy is one of the most important psychological needs for human beings. The ability to make your own decisions and choose from an available set of best possible alternatives gives us the most satisfying and fulfilling experience in life. Similarly, for development teams building rich, interactive, highly dynamic single-page applications, the ability to pick their own choice of JavaScript framework proves to be a significant benefit.

In this talk we will learn how to use multiple JavaScript frameworks in a single-page application, allowing you to split code by functionality and have Angular, React, Vue.js, etc. apps all living in harmony.  

Autonomy is one of the critical benefits of microservices and also of micro frontends. With the micro frontends approach, teams are in full control of their technology stack. This autonomy enables them to make the decision and switch horses. It comes in handy when teams decide to make more significant changes.

We will also see how to lazy load new apps next to the old one. You write the applications, and the micro-frontends architecture makes them work together and won't load them until they're needed. We will take a look at how to combine many small apps, empowering teams to choose their technology and also how to stay nimble as your team, product, and tech stack grows and changes over time.

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