Driving O11y x to Nx: Probing Bullet Holes and not Breaking the Bank

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Digital businesses are in the journey of scaling their business from x to 10x and rapidly evolving their technology stack. And it is a daunting task to monitor the performance of systems that serve millions of users, devices, and concurrent sessions per second. In this session, we'll explore the challenges and solutions of achieving optimal observability at massive scale by looking at real-time examples of common patterns employed by a few successful organizations, as well as the anti-patterns to avoid. Additionally, we'll provide practical insights into how to achieve observability at a massive scale without breaking the IT budget. We will then introduce how New Relic can help organizations in this journey. This session is a must-attend for engineering leaders and teams responsible for monitoring large-scale systems.

Attendees will gain valuable insights into the challenges and solutions of managing observability at scale, making informed decisions, and optimizing costs without compromising on data quality.

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“Once again Saltmarch has knocked it out of the park with interesting speakers, engaging content and challenging ideas. No jetlag fog at all, which counts for how interesting the whole thing was."

Cybersecurity Lead, PwC


“Very much looking forward to next year. I will be keeping my eye out for the date so I can make sure I lock it in my calendar."

Software Engineering Specialist, Intuit


“Best conference I have ever been to with lots of insights and information on next generation technologies and those that are the need of the hour."

Software Architect, GroupOn

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Scott Davis

“Happy to meet everyone who came from near and far. Glad to know you've discovered some great lessons here, and glad you joined us for all the discoveries great and small."

Web Architect & Principal Engineer, Scott Davis

Dr. Venkat Subramaniam

“Wonderful set of conferences, well organized, fantastic speakers, and an amazingly interactive set of audience. Thanks for having me at the events!"

Founder of Agile Developer Inc., Dr. Venkat Subramaniam

Oracle Corp.

“What a buzz! The events have been instrumental in bringing the whole software community together. There has been something for everyone from developers to architects to business to vendors. Thanks everyone!"

Voltaire Yap, Global Events Manager, Oracle Corp.