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Program Announced for Cloud, SOA Conferences at Business Technology Summit 2010

Bangalore, November 01, 2010: The complete schedule for the Cloud and SOA conferences at Business Technology Summit 2010 has been announced. With over 50+ sessions and several stellar keynotes spread across 2 days, and orchestrated by world-class thought leaders and experts including Dr. Richard Mark Soley, Dr. Christopher Harding, Marlin Pohlman and Max Dolgicer, BT Summit 2010 offers a cutting-edge program that you cannot afford to miss. The Cloud conference will be held on 11 November followed by the SOA conference on 12 November, at the premises of NIMHANS Convention Center in Bangalore. (www.btsummit.com)


Code in the Cloud - Thursday, 11 Nov 2010

09:30-10:00: Quality Matters In a Service-oriented, Cloud Enabled World - Dr. Richard Mark Soley

10:00-10:30: Code In the Cloud - Harish Vaidyanathan

10:30-11:00: Enterprise Cloud Computing - Simone Brunozzi

11:10-11:55: (H1) The Hidden Lessons of Cloud Computing - Rohit Bharadwaj

11:10-11:55: (H2) Building and Deploying Windows Azure Cloud Applications using VS - Saranya Sriram

11:10-11:55: (H3) Considerations for Designing Application for the Cloud - Udayan Banerjee

12:00-12:45: (H1) Using Cloud in Your Enterprise Architecture - Dr. Christopher Harding

12:00-12:45: (H2) Amazon EC2: Virtual Servers on Demand - Simone Brunozzi

12:00-12:45: (H3) Preparing Your Data for the Cloud - Narinder Kumar

13:40-14:00: Cloud Computing Keynote - Vodafone

14:00-14:20: The Cloud Age Is Here to Stay - Time to Rethink Security - Marlin Pohlman

14:25-15:10: (H1) Developing and Implementing Private cloud for an Enterprise - Bharati Lele

14:25-15:10: (H2) Patterns for the Windows Azure Cloud Development - Saranya Sriram

14:25-15:10: (H3) Cloud Seeding - Ashish Varekar

15:15-16:00: (H1) Building Scalable Applications on Windows Azure - Janakiram MSV

15:15-16:00: (H2) Challenges and Solutions for Multi-tenancy on the Cloud - Vikas Hazrati

15:15-16:00: (H3) Enterprise Cloud Testing to Make your Application Foolproof - Rohit Bharadwaj

16:05-16:50: (H1) Migrating an Enterprise App to Google App Engine - Narinder Kumar & Vikas Hazrati

16:05-16:50: (H2) Developing, Deploying Large Scale DB Solns on SQL Azure, SQL Sync - Sachin Rathi & Vikram Rajkondawar

16:05-16:50: (H3)16:05-16:50: Open Q&A Session

17:05-17:50: (H1) Managing Cloud Risks - Christopher Harding

17:05-17:50: (H2) Cloud Security - Where We Are Today - Marlin Pohlman

17:05-17:50: (H3) Open Q&A Session - Windows Azure - Janakiram MSV


SOA In a Day - Friday, 12 Nov 2010

09:30-10:00: Managing the SOA Evolution - Max Dolgicer

10:00-10:30: SOA Keynote - Microsoft

11:00-11:50: (H1) A ROI Calculator for SOA - Let the Numbers Do the Talking - Max Dolgicer

11:00-11:50: (H1) (H2) Beyond BPM, for Operational Responsiveness - Ramesh Loganathan

11:00-11:50: (H1) (H3) BPM Centric SOA enabled Agile IT environment: Top 10 Strategies - Jyoti M B

11:55-12:45: (H1) SOA Governance - Dr. Christopher Harding

11:55-12:45: (H2) SOA is Dead - Long Live SOA - Udayan Banerjee

11:55-12:45: (H3) SOA in the Realm of Consumer Driven IT - Sandeep J Alur & Mahesh Patel

12:50-13:40: (H1) Defining a SOA Roadmap Based on SOA Maturity Model - Max Dolgicer

12:50-13:40:(H2) Web Service and REST Service Testing with soapUI - Rohit Bharadwaj

12:50-13:40:(H3) SOA for Enterprise Mobility Solutions - Rahuldev Rajguru

14:30-15:30: Power Panel :: SOA In the Age of Cloud and Data Integration - Moderated by Dr. Richard Mark Soley. Participants: Dr. Chris Harding, Max Dolgicer, Simone Brunozzi, Harish Vaidyanathan

15:40-16:30: (H1) Semantic Web Future of Service Oriented Architectures - Rohit Bhardwaj

15:40-16:30: (H2) Demystifying SharePoint for Architects - Sachin Vinod Rathi

15:40-16:30: (H3) Real-time Business Intelligence - Rachana Patil

16:50-17:40: (H1) Service Oriented Integration (SOI) - Doing Integration the Right Way - Max Dolgicer

16:50-17:40(H2) SOA for Interoperability - Dr. Christopher Harding

16:50-17:40(H3) Ask the SharePoint Team - An Open Forum - Sachin Rathi, Sandeep Alur, Mahesh Patel


Sponsors of Business Technology Summit 2010 include: Platinum Sponsors: Microsoft, Object Management Group, Amazon Web Services, Vodafone; Silver Sponsor: L&T Infotech; BT Champions: Esberi, Parasoft, AMT.


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