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SOA Adoption in India Swiftly Moves from Exploration to Deployment


Bangalore, India - November 3, 2009 Saltmarch Intelligence today announced that the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) adoption curve in India is fast maturing with companies swiftly moving from a phase of exploration until about a year ago to an advanced stage of deployment, according to a recent survey of over 1100 Business Technology professionals.


The survey conducted in the third quarter of this year measured perceptions of Business Technology professionals including their important challenges in adopting SOA, the drivers, how their organizations plan to use SOA, the different stages of adoption, time frames for development and deployment, industry/verticals targeted and more.


"Clearly SOA has moved from planning and piloting stages to a new and encouraging phase of deployment. While 18% of respondents were still involved in exploration (as opposed to 68% in the 2008 survey), 30.9% of them had successfully reached the deployment curve of the SOA adoption spectrum as opposed to less than half that number in 2008," said Indu Britto, Group Publisher & Senior Vice President, Saltmarch Media.


"The jury is still out on whether Indian companies are preferring to shop for a SOA suite or do a product evaluation within each SOA product category, with the scales slightly tipping in favour of the latter (29.2%) as opposed to 23.3% for the former," she said. Microsoft, IBM and Oracle topped the list of SOA Suites finding favour within organisations in India. The study also indicates that issues abound with internal integration. In fact, the key factors driving the usage of SOA in projects were largely related to internal IT integration (30.9%) and integration to third parties (30.3%).


The survey report is not available for public consumption and will be released from the Saltmarch Intelligence web site for purchase end November 2009. Information in this press release is exclusive to participating media.


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