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Plug Into a Clean Future at Green Energy Summit 2008

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2008 Summit Will Turn the Page on Green Energy. Align Yourself With the Decisive Movement of Our Time.

Inaugural Conference, Expo and Awards Coming to Bangalore. Call for Participation is Now Open.


December 18, 2007, Bangalore: Green energy and clean technologies, firmly positioned in the business mainstream as the next clean engine for economic growth, will be center stage in Bangalore, October 16-19 2008, at the inaugural energy conference and expo in Saltmarch Media's series of green energy initiatives. Green Energy Summit 2008 is expected to draw thousands of key influencers in the energy world including industries, investors, technologists, entrepreneurs, academics, and high-profile speakers. Conference chair, Dilip Thomas, said about Green Energy Summit:


"With rapid strides in technology, economic pressures, high energy prices, resource shortages, environmental threats, and compliance imperatives driving unprecedented growth in green energy, the pressure on scientists, technologists, government and the industry to develop and adopt new methods for harnessing green energy has never been this overpowering. The renewable energy market in India is positioning itself as a major global player and offering the world's third most attractive national environment for investments. The first of its kind in India, Green Energy Summit 2008 will provide a unique platform for debate, dialogue and action between research, academia, financial organisations, entrepreneurs and government bodies worldwide."



Green Energy Summit 2008 is a confluence of four tiers - Green Power, Green IT, Green Buildings, Green Fuels - that, beyond bringing into picture those questions that are most relevant for India at this juncture, will see a congregation of the most intelligent minds and proactive organisations to create a sustained, result-oriented mindset.


The four-day summit will include plenary sessions, demonstrations, panels and keynote presentations that go beyond exploring path breaking initiatives, technologies and products, by focusing on solutions that will accelerate the production and adoption of viable, non-polluting forms of energy. It is an intimate, collaborative event that encourages face-to-face exchange of ideas, recognises green achievers, and provides showcasing and matchmaking opportunities for suppliers and buyers, and delivers beyond classroom experiences.


Expected to attend are thousands of corporate CEOs & CFOs, renewable energy company strategists, project developers, carbon investors, green semiconductor & data center managers, building architects, PE investors, energy majors, government & regulatory bodies, venture capitalists, and technology innovators among others.


Attendees will be treated to conference sessions that are in-depth, and offer a vast array of subject matter from which to choose, including presentations by green energy leaders and talks by key decision makers in India. There will be blue-sky theorizing. But there will also be much more evidence-based, real-world practical information.


The expo hallway, featuring the latest offerings from companies key to the renewable energy market, will allow attendees to make connections and further knowledge. Attend Green Energy Summit to understand the renewable energy market better, decipher the roadmap for policy-making, learn best practices and case studies, and connect with peers, industry experts, buyers and sellers, and influential leaders.


Green Energy Summit is built on many layers of conversation including:


  • Lively Expo Hallways: the expo features floor space for hundreds of companies including Indian and International exhibitors from the US, Europe, Canada, Middle East and Asia Pacific. Exhibitors will include manufacturers, builders, vendors and investors of unconventional energy technology (solar, wind biofuel, thermal), enterprise hardware & software technology vendors, semiconductor companies, financial institutions, venture capitalists and government bodies.
  • Green Energy Awards: a first-of-its-kind ceremony that honors winners across a range of categories in the Green Energy arena. The awards throw the spotlight on trailblazing individuals and organizations in the Indian green energy sector. To enter your nominations across all the open award categories http://greenenergysummit.com/awards.html.
  • Green Energy Field Trips: the Green Energy Field Trips are a unique Saltmarch Media initiative to provide a practical, real-world, out of the classroom experience for participants to learn and understand first-hand, the impact that green energy can have on society at large. See real-life applications of the science of green energy--wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass, and other renewable resources--to facilitate sustainable development.


To join Green Energy Summit 2008 as a speaker is a great opportunity to build brand equity for both you as an individual and for your organization. By presenting your experiences, market knowledge, and innovations, through keynotes, plenary sessions, power panels, Birds of Feather (BoF) discussions, hands-on workshops, and fire side chats, you have the unique opportunity to reach out to your peers from India, Europe, United States, and Asia Pacific, in focused settings, besides being involved as a key stakeholder in spreading "green" impact within a market that is growing at a clipping 20% year on year.


If you have something substantive, challenging, and original to offer, you are encouraged to submit a proposal. The Call for Papers is as always a 100% online process. Submit your proposals at http://greenenergysummit.com/callforpaper.html. Before you submit proposals ensure to read the guidelines for submission, and selection notification and responsibilities.


Call for Participation will be open until 15 March 2008. Early registration for both general attendees and media will open in February 2008. Program details will be available in early 2008.


  • Learn more about Green Energy Summit 2008 by visiting http://greenenergysummit.com
  • If you'd like to submit a proposal for consideration at Green Energy Summit 2008, visit: http://greenenergysummit.com/proposals
  • If you'd like to nominate individuals and organizations in the Indian green energy sector, visit http://greenenergysummit.com/awards.html
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