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Green Energy Summit

Bangalore, India

Going green is both a corporate advantage and an opportunity for humanity to enable change. Green Energy Summit is India's global summit dedicated to sustainable development, renewable energy and clean technologies. Be seen, be heard and be noticed in India's premier show completely focused on what going green can do for you and your organisation. With industry, the financiers, the policy-makers, the scientists, the secision-makers, the buyers and sellers.

Green Energy Summit is the forum for varied stakeholders from the solar, wind, biomass, IT, transport, construction, aviation, nanotechnology, and biotechnology, to come together and solve some of mankind's most compelling problems. If you have a sustainable brand, product, or service, your presence at GES sends out the right signals to your various marketing initiatives including customer touchpoints, CSR, and branding, besides demonstrates clear commitment towards a clean, green, and sustainable planet. GES is supported by the Government of India (DST), MNRE, IREDA, BEE, UNEP, World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE), Government of Karnataka and other governmental and bi-lateral agencies. Please join the mailing list for updates.

Green Power @ GES

The Green Power conference focuses on the actions required to make renewable energy a significant part of the Indian energy portfolio mix. It identifies major issues, discuss solutions, inform and share technical and scientific insights, present innovations, and offers a topical and timely conference program.

The keynotes will set the theme with keynotes on potential and achivements in solar energy, and global perspectives on wind energy. Subsequent sessions will cast focus on strategy, applications, policy and legislation, implementation, financing, technology and capacity as related to Solar PV and Solar Thermal; policies, partnership strategies, regulator's persectives, ESCO's perspectives, data center efficiency and green building technolgies with regards to energy efficiency; breakthroughs in cogeneration; small hydro sucess stories; and; facilitate business through an engaged encounter between solar equipment manufacturers and investors. The conference will also focus on wind power success reports from Europe, US, China and India, technology status quo, constraints and solutions, off-shore wind farms and small wind machines. Please join the mailing list for updates.

Green IT @ GES

The Green IT conference at Green Energy Summit explores IT strategies and best practices for energy use, identifies and examines key technologies that IT buyers must adopt to reduce their energy consumption and minimize business risks. Day 01 will set the theme by casting a long look at Information Technology as an enabler for Green Energy. Day 02 features a day long Master Speaker series on Green IT, and energy efficient computing. Day 03 features a day long program with focus on pruning costs both on the desktop and server, Virtualization, a 360-degree approach to IT efficiency, Carbon Footprint's role in Green IT, as well as supply chain and life cycle management. Please join the mailing list for updates.

Green Fuels & Transportation @ GES

The Green Fuels and Transportation conference examines the challenges ahead in improving the sustainability of our fuel sources and transport systems, while reducing our carbon footprint by exploring and debating the practical challenges, policy decisions, opportunities, technical advancements, futuristic technologies and innovations in the area of green fuels, batteries, logistics, supply chain, and transportation. The keynotes will discuss the status quo, challenges and a myriad options for green fuels, and technology and roadmap for greener transport. The program will focus on hygrid cars, electric cars, ethanol for vehicles, bio diesel, greening of railway transport, aviation, hydrogen fuel, semi conductors for vehicles, portable power generation and storage, biomaterials, waste to fuel, sewage sludge to potable water and CDM. Please join the mailing list for updates.

Green Buildings @ GES

The Green Buildings and Materials conference focus on growth opportunities in all aspects of green architecture, design, engineering and maintenance, leading to high performance buildings. It examines case studies, best practices and project delivery models resulting in more efficient methods of designing sustainability in any project. The conference keynotes will set the theme by highlighting the way forward for green building and eco cities. The next sessions will feature a master speaker series to provide a complete decision framework by testing the efficacy of policies, programs, tools and other strategies. There are also dya long sessions that focus on Green Buildings, Architecture and Materials including best practices, implementation issues, technologies and capacity road map. Please join the mailing list for updates.

Green Energy Summit offers myriad opportunities to collaborate and do business with industries and policy makers from China, Middle-East, Africa, Europe and US. GES will also hold a conclave of bankers, VCs, PE investors and aid organizations. Most importantly, the summit is facilitating a conclave of Chief Secretaries, Energy Secretaries and administrators to drive and debate policy and implementation. Please join the mailing list for updates.