about saltmarch

Saltmarch Media Saltmarch is a new-media company providing cutting-edge information to communities of professionals from diverse industries to help them excel in their jobs and careers.

Saltmarch offers industry-leading conferences, websites and media platforms focusing on diverse sectors such as Information Technology, clean technology, BFSI, utilities, manufacturing, telecom, healthcare, retail and media among others. Saltmarch's media properties aim to inform, network, and serve professionals and executives in these diverse sectors with information, opportunities, evaluation and guidance they need to excel in their jobs -- from keeping pace with emerging trends and technologies, to evaluating products and solutions, to developing strategies, to making cost-effective purchase decisions and effectively managing and leading their organizations' projects.

Saltmarch horizontals include Saltmarch Intelligence (offers custom research and advisory services), Saltmarch Dealuxe (upscale deal-making congresses), Saltmarch Summits (large format conferences and expo) and Saltmarch Portals (online information).

why we exist

Saltmarch works with the world's leading vendors to help them reach out to qualified, professional communities to further their branding and marketing goals. Towards this end, Saltmarch provides various products and services to both professionals and vendors in the form of face-to- face summits/conferences, webinars, B2B marketplaces, digital research reports and bespoke events.

The net objective of each brand within Saltmarch is to create 'communities' of buyers and customers that Saltmarch clients can leverage to generate leads and grow revenues. Saltmarch Media connects marketeers, HR and training professionals with targeted, qualified, opt-in communities of buyers and customers; delivering measurable results that help companies generate leads, shorten sales cycles, optimise HR, deliver efficient training and grow revenues.

Whether it is delivered digitally or in person, everything Saltmarch produces is an astute reflection of its unshakeable belief in the power of information to spur empowerment, and thereby change.